Art exhibitions of Galeries Chez Noir are for those who are interested in the long lasting highest quality fine art of painting on silk.

Today silk painting is an extremely popular art form but it is almost as old as the discovery of silk. Unlike those artworks where the paint is applied on silk with a brush or an applicator and therefore can be easily lost, the longevity of the artworks we offer is far superior. The drawing is transferred onto silk in accordance with the highest standards of classic silk colouring techniques and would be equally durable if framed or worn as a garment.

Vibrant colourings are applied on the high quality twirl silk fabric and are meant to last and show off the best qualities of silk. They inhale life and glow into the art works, perfectly transmitting the original colour combinations borne in the imagination of the work class artists.

Silk fabric bearing a drawing is carefully stretched and mounted on acid-free board and then placed into the selected frame for exhibition.

You are welcome to purchase items from one of our current exibitions in our boutique. If you are looking for an item, not presented here, why not contact us and we'll let you know what other artowrks we can offer.

Delivery of framed artworks in Lithuania up to 20Lt. More details on delivery you will find in the shopping basket once you added all the purchases.