Galeries Chez Noir held a very successful exhibition on the Orthodox Christian icons meant to organically fit to your home design. It is an outstanding way to blend the cultures and styles, while connecting to the deepest pool of Christian wisdom.

Produced in different monasteries across the Orthodox world, while following the strict classic iconography standards, each collection is unique in colour shades and ornaments.

An icon is considered to be a special and very thoughtful gift. Orthodox icons are an integral part of the culture, the symbol of spirituality. It is hard to find more decent and considerate gift, that would highlight you sincerity. With time your icon will become a family relic. The beauty of this gift is that you can offer an icon to anyone, not necessarily a religious orthodox person, and yet it will be clear that with the icon you are offering a piece of your heart.

Delivery of the icons in Lithuania up to 40Lt. More details on delivery you will find in the shopping basket once you added all the purchases.

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