Gustav Klimt, The Expectation

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Painting on silk

The Expectation

Original: by Gustav Klimt, 1909

Klimt’s use of swirling branches and detailed patterns of circles make the this work two-dimensional. It is full of triangles, rectangles, circles, butterflies, seedlings, flowers on the ground and blackbirds perched on a few branches.


The Tree Of Life -Our Earth Mother…
Standing tall she plants her feet decisively,
Deep rooted in the ground upon which she rests,
Her barren look deceives us. She lays in wait..
Although, her branches show wear of a season past,
The promise of rebirth is upon the lips Of those who have partaken of her fruit.
She offers up her bounty…
Her splendour delights the eye while offering shade,
As Spring brings forth life to her narrow limbs and fills them With a breath of wonder that transports the air.
She gives us life..
The Earth Mother To All God’s Creatures She Is The Tree Of Life...


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