Vincent Van Gogh, Vase with Poppies

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Painting on silk

Vase with Poppies

Original: Vincent van Gogh, Private Collection 1886

Between the years 1886 and 1890, Vincent van Gogh completed seven different paintings featuring poppy flowers. His earliest ones were done during his time in Paris mainly of cut flowers in vases such as Vase with Red Poppies, 1886 and Vase with Cornflowers and Poppies, 1887. Van Gogh did not have money to pay models, so still-life painting became more practical. In a letter from 1886, Van Gogh wrote to about how he put more emphasis on the colors in his paintings and how in using vibrant contrasting colors he is able to render life through color:

And now for what regards what I myself have been doing, I have lacked money for paying models else I had entirely given myself to figure painting. But I have made a series of colour studies in painting, simply flowers, red poppies, blue corn flowers and myosotys, white and rose roses, yellow chrysanthemums-seeking oppositions of blue with orange, red and green, yellow and violet seeking les tons rompus et neutres to harmonize brutal extremes. Trying to render intense colour and not a grey harmony. Now alter these gymnastics I lately did two heads which I dare say are better in light and colour than those I did before.

So as we said at the time: in colour seeking life the true drawing is modelling with colour


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